Happy Recycle launched across the Costa del Sol Spain

The councillors on hand to encourage recycling Credit: Ayuntamiento de Mijas

CHRISTMAS and The Three Kings Day are times when gifts are given and this generates a great deal of waste, not just with used wrapping paper but with discarded cardboard boxes and plastics.

This is why a combined promotion known as Happy Recycle has been put into effect by the Commonwealth of the Costa del Sol Occidental and Ecoembes in a bid to make people aware of the need to recycle and reuse.

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It made an appearance both before and after Christmas at Costa Mijas Shopping Center which houses El Corte Inglés and two Mijas Councillors Laura Moreno and Arancha López who have a responsibility for waste disposal and the environment promoted the programme.

Although this promotion took place at the busiest time of the year, the town has an ongoing target of educating both young and old to be aware of the need to cut back on the amount of waste that is generated annually and to be aware of the need to recycle rather than simply throw in a general bin.

There are now specific waste containers for cardboard and paper, plastic, glass and in some places food and garden waste as well so it is much easier now to sort and dispose of anything that can be recycled.

Part of Happy Recycle is to explain what happens to the waste generated at the busy Christmas period and to show that sensible consumption and recycling is good not just for local residents but for the entire country and indeed the world.

Even clothes and shoes that are no longer needed can be disposed of in a manner which will see them recycled and the growing number of local charity shops are always crying out for all sorts of different goods including books, bric a brac and cds to add to their stocks of clothes.


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