Costa del Sol News: Season slump for hotels in Malaga

Malaga closed a total of 60 hotels: Seasonality similar to previous season.CREDIT:

THE Costa del Sol has been unable to fill a total of 24,111 hotel beds during the low season

Therefore, Malaga province has closed a total of 60 hotels, although CCOO also explains that here they have recouped some of that figure out of season because of the good winter weather

Hotel establishments located in the five Andalusian provinces of the coast have closed 38.5 percent of their spaces in low season, which means maintaining the seasonality in relation to the 2018-2019 period, according to a report prepared by CCOO.


Despite the tourist boom, which points to a record of overnight stays at the end of 2019, the study reflects that seasonality is “similar” to that of the previous season. Specifically, it is pointed out that in the five Andalusian provinces affected by seasonality, 144 hotels have closed, which is equivalent to more than 61,000 places.

The head of Hospitality and Tourism of CCOO nationwide, Gonzalo Fuentes, explained that in Malaga they have closed 60 establishments that add 24,111 beds; in Cádiz, 38 hotels with a total of 13,857 beds; in Almería, 25 hotels with 11,702 places; in Huelva, 19 with 11,555 beds and in Granada, two hotels with 388 beds.


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