COSTA DEL SOL NEWS: Pensioner ‘attacked squatter’ with a knife, scissors and hammer


A MAN aged 70 has been arrested for attacking an alleged squatter armed with a knife, scissors and a hammer in Malaga on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Tired of the property he owns being squatted, he decided to take the law into his own hands. Allegedly, he attacked the man who had settled in the flat with the objective of forcing him out. 

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The incident happened in the Huelin district of Malaga. Local Police received a call warning that a fight was taking place on the public highway, in which one of the men involved had a knife.  

The agents arrived quickly where they found the 39-year-old Spanish victim. 

He said that he had argued with his next-door neighbour, after which he had been attacked with a hammer, a knife and scissors with his attacker threatening to kill him. Despite warding off his attacker with the chair, he ended up with a cut from the scissors. 

Local police officers went to the flat of the suspect, where they found a pair of scissors, a hammer and a screwdriver on his doorstep. 

When they knocked on the door, they saw the suspect had a knife in his back pocket, so they proceeded to arrest him. 

Police say that the detainee told them that he was the owner of the property and that the victim of the attack was a squatter who had moved into the flat he owned next door. He said that he had gone to the apartment to throw him out.  

In order to do so, he had allegedly tried to cut off his electricity. A woman told the local police that she had seen the detainee messing about with the electricity meter with a pair of scissors and that, when she reproached him for what he was doing, he threatened to attack her as well.  



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