Costa del Sol News: Andalusia jackpot as Malaga shares second prize

Wins in Andalusia: Shares of the second prize in Malaga and Adra. CREDIT: Twitter

EL NIÑO lottery prize draw was held on Monday and distributed part of its fortune – specifically, almost €3.5 million – to Andalusia in the way of its second prize, with €750,000 awarded to the number 21,816 which has been sold, among other locations, in the Andalusian capital Malaga and Adra, Almeria.

Sources from Lotteries and State Betting stated that part of the second prize has been sold from the sales point number 2 of Adra, located at number 78 Calle Natalio Rivas, and in number 51,770 of Malaga capital, located at number 8 Calle Alvaro de Bazán.

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The owner of the aforementioned Adra administration, Cristo Ferrio, explained that his establishment has sold 45 of the 50 winnings they received from number 21,816. 

The head of the administration has expressed his joy in distributing part of one of the main prizes of the draw, something that they had not been able to celebrate before in the 34 years that they have been there.

However,  the owner was fortunate enough to distribute part of one of the first prizes of one of the main draws of the National Lottery; specifically, of the Christmas Sweepstakes of 2013, of which he sold part of the third prize.

The owner of the Malaga point of sale, called ‘King of Oros’, Francisca Fernández, has indicated that they are “very happy, crazy happy”, for being part of the second prize of the draw.


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