COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Three detained for beating up and robbing woman in Roquetas de Mar

BRUTAL: The attacked kicked the victim in the ribs, legs and face and pulled her hair. CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

THREE suspects are under arrest for beating up and robbing a woman on a Roquetas de Mar street.

The Guardia Civil detained the trio for attacking 49-year old N.S.Z. in the 200 Viviendas district of the town.

The victim told investigating officers she had come up against a man who warned her “if you’re not going to buy drugs or consume, get out of here.”


The two got into an argument and two other women appeared. They set upon the victim, kicking her in the ribs, legs and face and pulling her hair. They event cut off a clump of her hair with a knife.

The three then snatched the woman’s handbag, in which she was carrying all her personal documentation, her mobile phone and charger, keys, €285 in cash and other personal belongings, leaving her where she was.

Investigations led first to the identification of one of the female attackers, identified as 35-year old L.B. from Roquetas, and recognised by the victim.

The Guardia subsequently identified the man as 41-year old O.A.E. and the other woman as 41-year old Z.K., both Roquetas locals.


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