Costa Almeria attacker identified from fingerprints left on spray victim used to defend herself

INVESTIGATION: Police have yet to make an arrest CREDIT: Shutterstock

POLICE have identified a man in his thirties suspected of brutally attacking a young woman on her doorstep in Almeria city early on New Year’s Day morning from fingerprints left on the spray the victim used to try and defend herself, according to a Spanish media report.

There is still no arrest in connection with the case.

Police officers found the 20-year old victim lying unconscious on the ground after a witness alerted the emergency services to what they took for a violent robbery on Calle Antonio Gala in the Oliveros district.


The attack victim suffered serious injuries and was in intensive care in the Torrecardenas hospital for five days. She has now been moved to an ordinary ward.

Investigators have reportedly not ruled out the possibility the attack was an attempted sexual assault or a case of gender-based violence, although the victim is not believed to be currently in a relationship.


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