Mallorca News Top Story: EMT buses to use innovative contactless app across Mallorca

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Commuters will be able to use their travel card on a mobile phone through an application. Credit: M. Gonzalez.

FOR tech-savvy residents who are up-to-date with the latest applications, Palma City Council has revealed that it will now be possible to use one’s travel card on a mobile phone.

The Department of Sustainable Mobility has rolled out an innovative contactless system in Mallorca, Spain, which will not only allow EMT public transport users to top-up their card on the go, but will also see commuters being able to tap in at their start of their journeys on a dedicated reader.

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Although the service is only available on the new fleet of buses which are currently in operation, Francesc Dalmau, the Minister for Mobility, has stated the Council’s guarantee that by Easter, all older vehicles will be replaced with the technologically advanced mode of transport.

The development will solve the pressing issue of topping up travel cards, which has caused significant problems since tobacconists stopped utilising the service last year.


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