Jailed Paeodophile who had 20,000 indecent images of children and babies found hanged in prison cell

Robert Ginn owned twisted paedophile manuals-he was found hanged in his cell.

A man found with nearly 20,000 indecent images of children and babies killed himself in his cell, an inquest has heard. Robert Ginn, 54, had Harry Potter-themed handbooks for perverts including one that was called ‘Hogwarts School for Pedo Wizards’.

 He was jailed on November 5 last year and after being moved to a cell by himself was found hanged three weeks later at HMP Pentonville, North London.

He had been jailed after making a series of internet searches for child abuse and police found 17,000 images and videos at his Bethnal Green home. He had three manuals, each called the Jazz Guide, and they gave tips on ‘how to rape a child under six without causing them harm’. Another gave advice on how to avoid detection by police and they were all kept in a folder called ‘playground’.


Senior coroner Mary Hassell raised concerns that Ginn had not been checked properly when his body was found, but said it was ‘highly unlikely’ he could have been resuscitated, according to the Mirror. During his trial he was described as being depressed and lonely, with his lawyer asking for him to receive a suspended prison sentence because he had a pet cat.

Barrister Michael Williams said: ‘He has a cat, which is all he has for company. It will be a much darker place he finds himself in when he comes out. ‘It is a plea of mercy on his behalf that he can put this most dreadful episode behind him and try to rebuild his life.’

However Judge Grace Amakye jailed him for a year, telling him. ‘The victims contained within these images were vulnerable because of their ages and they undoubtedly suffered and may still be suffering from the violence meted out upon them.’

Speaking after his conviction, CPS spokesman Michael Oatley said: ‘Robert Ginn kept a number of paedophile manuals that detailed horrific ways in which to sexually abuse and manipulate young children. ‘He also admitted he had downloaded thousands of indecent images of children – more than 500 of these were extreme in their nature. ‘It is illegal to download indecent images of children and we will prosecute those who break the law and pose a risk to young people.’


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