Gibraltar Three Kings Cavalcade entertains thousands

Large crowds enjoyed the Cavalcade Credit: HM Government of Gibraltar

GONE are the days of importing three camels from Morocco to lead the Three Kings Cavalcade in Gibraltar.

At one time it looked as if the Cavalcade would pass into history as fewer and fewer people and groups were prepared to prepare floats, but now it is firmly back and this year there were 10 trailer floats as well as a number of walking parades.

Thousands of people turned out to enjoy the parade as it moved along Main Street on Sunday night (the eve of the Epiphany) and apart from the fun of spotting their friends and relations taking part, the audience was able to enjoy the sights and the sounds as a number of the Rock’s favourite musicians who also performed.


There were cycling Santas, a pipe band, Harry Potter, World of Minecraft, Miss Gibraltar, football fever and many more to entertain the crowd.


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