Jason Gardiner BLASTS Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield for being ‘fake’ as he claims they snubbed him following Dancing On Ice exit

Jason is seen posing with Holly and Phil in Happier times.

Former Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner has slammed the show’s hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield as ‘fake’ after they apparently failed to reach out to him following his departure from the show.

As the new season prepares to premiere this evening, the dancer has shared his thoughts on the This Morning presenters, admitting it was ‘hurtful’ he’d not heard anything when he stepped down last year. Even though, as Jason claimed, he sent Phillip a message following the fracas surrounding alleged complaints by fellow ITV stars towards the presenter. Expecting a message from the hosts he’d worked with since 2005, Jason told The Sun: ‘Since it was announced I was leaving the show I’ve had nothing from Phil and Holly. Not even a text message.

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‘It is hurtful, especially because when Phillip was getting a lot of negative attention recently I sent him a message of support. ‘I thought they would get in touch but I’ve learned this industry is full of fake and disingenuous people.’ Ouch? It wasn’t his only thought on Phillip – who was mired in controversy after it was alleged last year a number of ITV presenters spoke about the alleged ‘toxic’ atmosphere at This Morning, with a reported spat with his co-host Holly thrown in as well.

However ITV as well, as Holly and Phil, have all denied there is an issue. Holly even went so far as to suggest she’d quit This Morning if Phillip was to ever leave, saying on Celebrity Juice of her ‘TV husband’: ‘We said right from the beginning that if either of us didn’t do it, we wouldn’t want to do it. ‘I can’t imagine This Morning without Phil.’ Elsewhere in his interview Jason – who has been slammed for his acerbic comments in the past – claimed he’d had ‘issues’ with Phillip over the years, but they’ve ‘settled them man to man’ with a handshake. While Jason added the TV stalwart is a ‘brilliant presenter and very professional’, when it comes to claims of him being a ‘bully’, he didn’t want to ‘negate those allegations’.




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