Wild boar rampaging through Marbella Costa del Sol Spain taking advantage of rubbish left in streets

The result of a visit from the wild boar Credit: Marbella se queja Facebook

As the roaming of wild boar increases, residents in the Xarblanca area of Marbella are becoming increasingly more worried about the way in which some people simply don’t place rubbish bags into the proper bins.

By placing bags with discarded food in by the side of the bins attracts the animals which end up breaking into them and spreading mess around the streets.

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Apart from the fact that it is very unpleasant to see and makes a mockery of the work undertaken by the municipal cleaners, who are said to be struggling anyway, it is potentially dangerous.

Not only will vermin be attracted to the left over scraps of food but wild boar will return on a regular basis in order to try to find more food.

They are potentially dangerous animals which could easily kill a small animal and with their tusks and weight could do considerable damage to children playing in the street.

Other parts of the municipality such as Benahavis have seen wild boar not just at night but during the daytime and everyone should do what they can in order to make the city as unattractive to these wild visitors as possible.

As expressed on social media, everyone is requested to properly dispose of their rubbish so that there is as little to encourage the wild boar as possible.


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