Breaking News:Six Killed after car hits Tourist Group

Attack on Prison officers now being treated as a Terrorist Incident

The victims, thought to be in their early 20s, had been leaving a club to return to their bed and breakfast when they were struck while crossing the road.

The driver was believed to be from the area and had a high alcohol blood content.

The Italian police as saying the driver was believed to be a 28-year-old from the area and had a high alcohol blood content. The volunteer fire service said on Facebook that the six dead were killed at the scene and the injured were taken to several nearby hospitals.

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Six died and 11 were injured in the crash in northern Italy.


Local media said three of those injured are in a serious condition, including a woman who was urgently transferred to a hospital in Innsbruck, Austria. A member of staff at the nearby Adler Tiroler Hotel, who did not want to be named, told Corriere Della Sera: “A terrible scene – people on the ground, screaming, pain… a tragedy. There are no words.

“We asked several times for a speed camera to be installed on this stretch of road.

“In fact, motorists as soon as they leave the town of Lutago accelerate and here, one kilometer outside the centre, they are already running at 100 per hour.”

The resort, in a largely German-speaking part of the Dolomites, is a popular snowsports spot.



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