Party of the decade in Spain: Police shut down illegal 72-hour New Year’s Eve rave

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Police in Spain were able to shut down an illegal rave 72-hours after it started. Credit: LEVANTE-MEV.

FOR most people, going out on New Year’s Eve is somewhat of a feat, particularly when nursing the dreaded hangover the next morning. However, for some 400 people in Spain, one night was simply not enough, as they partied from dusk to dawn over 72 hours at an illegal rave in the Spanish town of Sant Mateu in Castellón.

The outlandish party was held on a disused plot of land owned by the Council of Castelló located on the road to Cervera, where the enthusiastic crowd led to a number of complaints called in from the local Spanish community.

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The revellers had descended after a Facebook group made an announcement that there was plenty of good booze, pumping music and most importantly free admission, attracting people from far and wide until January 3.

The police had been aware of the party when it was in its early stages, however due to it being Council owned, by law they needed a corresponding complaint from governmental officials to shut it down – one which was not submitted until yesterday afternoon (January 3).

The party even attracted Ana Besalduch, the Mayor of Sant Mateu, and it was not to get down and dance or enjoy the thumping music played on several large speakers. As a heavy police presence surrounded the land, the Mayor made a visit to the site and expressed her disdain for the illegal rave, promising to get it shut down immediately.

Once the correct paperwork was processed, several units of the police were ready to act, shutting off the music and paralysing the event. Those who had hung on for 72 hours then dispersed, where it is believed they are nursing very sore heads.

As Euro Weekly News understands although there has been significant damage to the land including several broken fences, no arrests have so far been made.


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