Australian Bush Fires Update: South coast and Snowy Valleys to evacuate immediately

A young Kangaroo gets showered after being badly burned in the bush fires

A severely burned kangaroo gets a cold shower from a boy with a watering can after terrible fires on the New South Wales south coast

This young kangaroo went to a boy for help after being burned in deadly bush fires and remained still while he was showered with water. The latest update to the raging bush fires shows no signs of slowing down, in fact its getting hotter…

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Temperatures surpassing 40C are set to combine with dry lightning strikes and wind to add to NSW’s bushfire nightmare over the weekend.

Saturday’s forecast paints a grim outlook for parts of the state – particularly the NSW south coast – already battling scores of uncontrolled deadly bushfires as residents flee their homes and holiday-goers cancel plans.

Heat is set to quickly rise on Saturday before a change sweeps over the state, Bureau of Meteorology acting NSW manager Jane Golding said.

‘In short, we’ve got a long hot day to get through first with some really dangerous fire dangers,’ Ms Golding told reporters on Friday.

‘That cold front bringing that southerly change, we’re expecting that not to reach the far south coast… until late in the day, to move through the Batemans Bay region early evening and come through Sydney about midnight.’

The fire danger will reach extreme levels in some areas and the forecast late cool change is due to bring thunderstorms and lightning.

NSW faces a two-day total fire ban from Friday, the third seven-day state of emergency in as many months and demands for those across the state’s south coast and Snowy Valleys to evacuate immediately.

‘The chance of new fires from lightning tomorrow is high,’ Ms Golding said.

‘The main area we’re concerned about is an area stretching right from the South Australian border to the central and southern slopes, western slopes of NSW.’

The elderly and those with lung and heart conditions have been advised to remain indoors and avoid exercise.


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