There’s a kind of magic in Spain’s Costa Blanca

The five featured singers on stage Credit: Moon World Records

MOON WOLRD RECORDS is a Spanish company which specialises in putting together large stage presentations based on the music of some of the most successful rock bands of recent years.

Their shows are highly professional with superb lighting and special effects with outstanding musicians and professional singers who understand the music that they are presenting.

Over the past 30 years, the company has grown and perfected the musical presentations it is involved with and these include Symphonic Pink Floyd and Symphonic Abba and the History of Rock.


Now they are book on tour with their all new Symphonic Rhapsody of Queen show which features five international rock singers in a 160 minute show backed by the One World Symphonic Orchestra.

They promise to relive every single hit that Queen ever recorded as well as some that aren’t quite so well known.

Rhapsody of Queen will be presented at the Teatro Principal in Alicante City on Friday March 13 with tickets costing €38 and €43 and at El Batel Auditorium in Cartagena the following night with tickets costing from €35 to €45 online.


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