Spain News: Fake president arrested in Denia

woman has been arrested in Denia (Alicante) for posing as the President of UN-Women in Spain.

NATIONAL Police has arrested a woman of Nigerian origin in Denia for the alleged crime of fraud. The arrested was posing as the President of UN-Women in Spain and the Spanish National Committee of UN Women on the Internet, even going so far as to take part in conferences and interviews with media agencies.

The African woman was in charge of offering courses in Judicial Expertise through which she adopted a false official character. 

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In addition, she was in charge of fundraising for the development of supposed projects related to the institution she was pretending to represent. 

The police investigation began in mid-2018 when UN Women reported that a woman was posing as their president and had been requesting funds online for fake projects. At the same time, UN-Women maintained contact with the investigated to request that she cease and desist in her illegal activities, although the now detained refused.


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