CHANGING ROOMS: Would you take a buggy into the cubicle with you?
CHANGING ROOMS: Would you take a buggy into the cubicle with you?

SOME of my bugbears of the 2010s? Well, let’s start with ‘woke’ culture (black American for woken or awakened).

It’s the idea, like in the film ‘The Matrix,’ you can suddenly wake up one day and realise how the world really works in terms of prejudice and power, bigotry and inequality.

‘Social justice’ is the current buzzword. In other words, it’s nothing but teenagers virtue-signalling their identity politics credentials (about race, gender, trans rights etc) to each other. Maybe we could simplify it further by saying that ‘wokeness’ means you’ve voluntarily placed a chip on your shoulder…


Next, transgender changing rooms in M&S stores. Why has M&S spent more effort on facilitating men’s desires rather than answering women’s needs? What is a woman shopping with kids, too young to be left unsupervised, supposed to do in this scenario?

Previously, she’d have left them in the corridor outside the cubicle and changed in the cubicle with the door/curtain open. Does she now have to squeeze the double buggy into this lockable cubicle with her? Or does she scoop the kids out of the buggy, leave it outside to be nicked, squeeze the kids in with her and then start trying on clothes? Or, frankly, does she take her custom elsewhere?

Finally, narcissists – those self-absorbed, selfish, egotistical types everyone’s come across.  Well, they’re all well and good, until you try to live with one (Melania Trump, I’m looking at you!). Then the misery begins. When someone is so utterly self-absorbed in their own needs, when they cannot accept blame, accountability or responsibility, eventually the **** hits the fan rather dramatically.

Take comfort from the fact that society can’t tolerate too much of anything. In short, they’ll be the first to succumb to the (Twitter sponsored) Zombie apocalypse. Trump springs to mind…

The more that ‘wokeness,’ PC daftness and insufferably self-righteous narcissists like Trump are ridiculed, the better. Looking back, it seems as though the whole world’s been recently acting like the worst type of intolerant, bratty adolescent…

OK, rant over! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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