COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Benidorm pet park expansion due to demand

NECESSARY: The popularity of the zone with pet owners means the zone needs to be expanded, the council says. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Benidorm

BENIDORM council is doubling the size of the recreation zone set aside especially for pets next to the Parque de Foietes to 500sqm.

Urban Area councillor Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Zarate said the measure was a response to a request from the Residents’ Council as one of the proposals put forward for the 2020 municipal budget, and from the residents’ association.

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The councillor explained the move was necessary due to the popularity of the zone with local pet owners.

As well as extending the area where dogs play, the works will also include improving accesses, putting in a double gate and course sand covering, and installing rubbish bins, benches, picnic tables and signs with information on the park regulations. 

“We are continuing with our intention of improving and increasing the number of facilities of all kinds for the town”, Gonzalez de Zarate affirmed.

Benidorm currently has six dog parks located in different areas of the town. As well as the Parque de Foietes zone, there are also parks on Avenida Adolfo Suarez, near the fairground, Avenida Marina Alta and on calles Italia and Ciudad Real.

The councillor further announced the local authority is repairing the fencing in the area around the stairs located next to the bullring, which serves as a pedestrian link between the Parque de l’Aigüera and the Els Tolls district due to its poor state of repair.

He said the works, with a cost of just over €20,600, are already underway and should be completed this month.

According to Gonzalez de Zarate, Benidorm council is taking on board residents’ proposals presented to the local administration beyond those included in the ‘Participatory Budget’, and for which he said this year some €500,000 has been set aside, representing more than the five per cent of  investment budget the regulations establish.


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