COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Brutal New Year attack leaves young woman in coma

INVESTIGATION: Police have not ruled out the attack was a case of gender-based violence CREDIT: Shutterstock

A BRUTAL attack and a possible attempted sexual assault left a young woman in a coma in Almeria.

Police officers found the victim unconscious in a residential block in the Oliveros neighbourhood of the provincial capital just before 9am on New Year’s Day after someone alerted the 112 emergency line.

The attack victim had suffered serious injuries and was rushed to the Torrecardenas hospital intensive care unit.


The police have opened an investigation to try and identify the attacker or attackers.

Investigators are searching for the individual who called 112 and any other witnesses, and are studying footage from security cameras in the area.

The authorities have reportedly not ruled out any hypothesis, including the possibility the attack was a case of gender-based violence.


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