Clash of cruises in Spain: Figures reveal a big slump in Alicante port

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End of year figures reveal that the Port of Alicante receives only a quarter of the cruise passengers that arrive in Cartagena. The 240,000 passengers who arrived in the port of Cartagena during 2019, are far from the results obtained in Alicante.

According to the director of Terminal Cruises, Francesco Balbi, Alicante welcomed 65,000 passengers aboard 46 different ships. A figure that is well below that of 2018, when the port received 100,000 cruisers.

The bad result was seen coming, following the cancellation of four scales and Balbi himself admitted that the numbers are below expectations. The schedule for 2020 is not yet known, but no ships will arrive in January or February.


The city has clearly lost the cruise game with Cartagena, but until 2009, Alicante had always been ahead. In 2010, the trend changed as Alicante landed 76,000 cruise passengers and Cartagena exceeded 104,000.

Another Port that is way ahead of Alicante in passenger traffic is the Port of Malaga, that closed the last year with 530,000 passengers. 


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