West Country pub defends ‘offensive’ job advert looking for new manager

the Rose Cottage Tavern. image : Facebook

A Redruth business owner has defended a controversial post which appeared to insult town residents by saying it was “interpreted negatively and incorrectly”.

The Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant in Cornwall closed its doors back in April but recently posted a bizarrely worded job vacancy on its Facebook page. The advert read: “Looking for an entrepreneur from any town, any country with ample ambition is sought to drive a re-opening of Rose Cottage Restaurant.

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“Unmatched salary, profit share, benefits, accommodation and much more available.

“ONLY if you know someone SUITABLE then share this privately with them. Otherwise feel free to make a prat of yourself because you are.

“Any town is what its people make it this post is therefore wasted.”

Several Redruth residents have complained about the posting. One woman said: “The owner has now advertised a job vacancy but basically in a roundabout way discriminated all of the people that live in Redruth. I find this very offensive and I know the whole of the community will feel the same when they read it and word gets around.”

The pub hit headlines in 2018 when it advertised the Sex Pistols, featuring Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones, as playing with tickets priced £100 or £115 on the night.

Rose Cottage also advertised gigs by pop icon Boy George with American new wave band The B52s and rock star Joan Jett – none of which went ahead.

The individual said: “You are focusing on a small part of a job opportunity which appears to have been interpreted negatively and incorrectly. Why would this focus not be on the positive aspects of the opportunity which undoubtedly bring positive benefits to a local workforce, local customers, and local regeneration?

“Whilst there has been criticism of this business, it does not come from past customers or people who have had first-hand experience; in summary it is based upon malicious gossip from disgruntled ex-staff.

“When Rose Cottage first re-opened, it was successful in that by September 2016, it was full (65+ customers) Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat nights and Sunday lunch. At that turnover, there was potential for the income generated to pay for the purchase of the freehold of the business itself.

“The opening ethos of Rose Cottage restaurant was to bring fine dining quality food without pretentiousness, at affordable gastropub prices to a deprived town to be enjoyed by people who might otherwise never have the pleasure. During 2016-2017, Rose Cottage brought people to the town relying upon word of mouth reputation of amazing food.”

The post has since been deleted and it is unknown if and when The Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant in Redruth will reopen.

Featured on the Right-Move Website uk the Rose Cottage Tavern is stated as -Currently closed (insufficient staff) and also states that..

Full handover included: cellar & kitchen. Business would benefit from owner operators: two nearby apprentice training colleges but local job pool underskilled.


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