Tragic baby died 2 years after being left disabled following childbirth blunder in Spain

TRAGIC: baby was left severely disabled after being born at the Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital.  Credit: Facebook 

A JUDGE has ordered Murcia Health Authority’s insurers to pay €416,000 to a man whose child died after suffering a brain injury in childbirth 
The child was born at the Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital in murcia on the Costa Calida in Spain after an episode of “acute fetal suffering.” He remained acutely ill, needing 24 hours-a-day care for two years before he finally passed away. 

The events occurred in April 2011 when the baby’s mother, aged 35, was admitted to the hospital, where she was a midwife, to give birth. 
Several incidents during the delivery forced health professionals to perform an urgent Caesarean section. The newborn had to be admitted to intensive care after he suffered from severe oxygen deprivation. 

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From that moment on, the baby suffered a disability and needed multiple hospital admissions as well as specialised assistance 24 hours a day to keep him alive. 
At the trial, a carer recounted how the child required constant vigilance as he had severe respiratory problems, convulsions, attacks of hypothermia and hyperthermia and epilepsy. 
One year after the birth, in August 2012, the mother died of sudden illness, and in 2014 her little boy also died. 
The court decided that doctors were too slow in performing the caesarian despite clear warning signs that the baby was in distress, resulting in a lack of oxygen reaching his brain. 

The father says he will donate part of the compensation to a foundation to provide medical assistance to children in the third world. 



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