Home sweet home: Recognised Spanish cartoonist returns to Costa Blanca

HOME: The cartoonist returned to San Miguel de Salinas to exhibit his work.

Recognised illustrator Paco Saéz returned to his hometown —San Miguel de Salinas— to exhibit his work. After being nominated for a prestigious Goya for his short film Madrid 2120, Saéz looked towards poetry for inspiration.

The cartoonist returned to his old stomping ground, where he displayed a dozen illustrations based on verses written by Spanish poet, Miguel Hernández. The event was organised by the municipality, as Saéz reflected on growing up and studying in Orihuela, the place of birth of Hernández.

Miguel Hernández was incarcerated by Franco for his anti-fascist sympathies during the Spanish Civil War. He was first sentenced to death before being imprisoned in Alicante, where he died from tuberculosis at age 31. His last book, that expresses his pain at the death of his infant son and the tragedy of the war, was written in prison on scraps of toilet paper. The book was published posthumously and is considered to be one of the finest pieces of Spanish poetry. 



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