Fake cop driver in Spain who was too drunk to walk refused to take breath test as ‘he suffered bronchitis’

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A DRIVER in Spain who was so drunk he ran a red light then couldn’t stand up when pulled over by police claimed he couldn’t complete a breath test because he suffered from bronchitis. 

He also told them he was a member of the Guardia Civil and he “wouldn’t ask a colleague to blow.” 

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His story has cut no ice with Murcia Provincial Court which has sentenced him to six months jail, a €1,080 fine and a lengthy driving ban. 

According to a written judgement, the man was convicted of a crime of driving under the influence of alcohol and another of refusing to take the breath tests. 

The incident happened on February 8, 2019, in the Avenida Primero de Mayo in Murcia, when the convicted man was driving “after having drunk a lot of alcoholic beverages that impaired his faculties.” 

 After he ran a red light he was stopped by Local Police who warned him that he showed clear signs of drunkenness, as he was staggering and could not stand up. Police twice tried to perform breath tests on him, which he failed to complete, saying he couldn’t because of his lung condition. 

This earned him a trip to the police station where he claimed to feel ill, although the doctor who attended him said he had no problem that prevented him from completing the test. 

He also refused to take psychometric tests or to sign any documents. 

The sentence, now confirmed by the court, also imposed a penalty of withdrawal of his driving license for one year and six months and one year and one day for the two offences. 

In response to his claim that he suffered from bronchitis, the court said that no evidence had been produced to prove this. 

It added that he could have asked for a blood test instead, and had been advised of this fact, but failed to do so. 


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