Costa del Sol Breaking News: MAYDAY At Malaga Airport As A Plane Makes An Emergency Landing

MALAGA AIRPORT: Flight was diverted because of a stubborn passenger. Credit: Shutterstock

MAYDAY ALERT: A plane which had taken off from Malaga airport at mid-morning today, Thursday, was forced to return and make an emergency landing due to a possible engine failure.

Fortunately, though the “Mayday” signal was activated, the plane was able to land without incident.

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As Euro Weekly News has been informed, the alarm was triggered after a possible engine failure was noted, forcing the pilot to turn the aircraft around shortly after take-off.

Airport sources have explained that the “manoeuvre to land again was successful” without causing further incident, adding that this type of landing is “a fairly common manoeuvre”.

Storm Málaga tweeted the incident as soon as it was known: Emergency landing at Malaga Airport, @controllers? The control tower, has declared “Mayday” signal.



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