Costa Blanca News: Misuse of funds


THE CURRENT government team of the Popular Party plans to validate several invoices originating in the previous mandate of the PSOE. At the end of the accounting year “there are on the table invoices for services provided during the previous mandate of the PSOE” but according to sources from the Popular “People want to know the origin and the reason for the expense”. The Popular spokesman Rufino Lancharro confronted the socialist group about a bill of €500 from a restaurant in Pilar de la Horadada, which was attended by about twenty diners and councillors of the PSOE, held three days before the municipal elections of May 2019.

In his response, Trinidad Escarabajal, councilor of the PSOE, said that this expense was for a meal for “women who participate in sewing school .” Lancharro replied that this lunch has always been held in April, a month before, and not at the end of May. “It’s the closing of the Sewing School,” the councilwoman insisted. The team has consulted the municipal accounting team without finding any invoice under that concept “or any administrative procedure”, not even a credit reserve. The service was generated in May but the invoice was presented in November. 

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