Costa Blanca News: Medical investment for San Fulgencio


THE AYUNTAMIENTO of San Fulgencio has started the file to award the extension of the medical office of La Marina with an expected investment of one hundred thousand euros. At present, the office has three consultation rooms – one for nursing – waiting room and toilets. These consultation areas are inefficient in providing optimal service to the population, generating discomfort both for patients and for health personnel, as they do not have adequate facilities. There are two medical consultation rooms for three doctors, and a nursing room for two nurses and a paediatrician. “When the paediatrician attends, the nurse has to leave the office and continue nursing patients in the afternoon or wait,” said the spokesperson for the project. 

With a single nursing room shared with paediatrics, an emergency room is also used, which when there are emergencies, patients who are being treated have to leave which then delays care.

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The project includes doubling the capacity of the ground floor of the building that houses the office, from the current 150 square meters to more than 300. In the same building, there are other municipal offices such as the local police checkpoint or the office of Marina tourism. There will also be the renovation of the bathrooms which are currently in a very bad state, the redistribution of space in the current rooms with the creation in the expansion of new ones such as those for medical consultation, nursing, paediatrics, and other space needed for health care employees.


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