Costa Blanca News: Free road in Javea as tolls close

End of the tolls: The group Adéu AP7 celebrate with a special meal. CREDIT: Adéu AP7 

NEW Year’s Day saw the end of tolls on the AP-7 in the Tarragona-Valencia and Valencia-Alicante sections, as well as the AP-4 that connects Seville and Cádiz. 

No less than 21 years have passed since the end of the first concession of the AP-7, but there have been several extensions on the Autopista del Mediterráneo. The result was  48 years of paying tolls in a section in which, most of the towns of the Alicante region of the Marina Alta and surroundings have no connection other than by road.

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Some overjoyed local residents even decided to celebrate their New Year’s Day meal on the road. The group Adéu AP7 urged drivers to celebrate with a dinner ‘pa i porta’, where everyone was to take their food to the Sant Antoni II service area at 10:00 pm for a celebration. 

It is estimated that the end of the tolls will allow drivers to save between €2000 and €2500 per year per vehicle, while the residents of the area will be able to carry out their usual trips without a large financial outlay like the one they have suffered up to now. 


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