COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Alcoy action on dog poisoning

COLLABORATION: The council has called on the public to report suspicious-looking substances if they see anyone acting suspiciously. CREDIT: Ajuntament de Alcoi

ALCOY council has decided to take action on dog poisoning following a number of recent cases in the Romeral park.

As a result of a meeting with different municipal authorities to discuss the problem and to go over the protocols in such cases, the local authority has announced it will be producing an informative leaflet to help dog owners.

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The leaflet will contain specific information on what to in the event an animal is poisoned or if members of the public spot substances they suspect could be toxic of they see anyone acting suspiciously. The leaflet will include a link to the leaflet the council published last year, which contains very detailed information.

When the council receives reports of dog poisonings it immediately activates the corresponding protocol, informing animal protection society, local police, parks and gardens brigades and environmental agencies.

Both the animal protection society and the police keep a watch on the park and the surrounding area, the council said. But the administration also called for public collaboration by keeping dogs on leads and reporting suspicious behaviour, pointing out the identification of those responsible in these kinds of cases is always difficult.


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