COSTA BLANCA NEWS: 12 months on Henry still missing from Orihuela after New Year party

DESPERATE: People rally to help find missing Henry

TWELVE long months after a young man disappeared from Orihuela Costa on Spain’s Costa Blanca his family is determined not to let his case be forgotten. 

At 11 am this morning a rally was held in front of Orihuela Town Hall to keep the name of Henry Alejandro Gimenez Marin in the public eye. 

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Another will be held on Sunday (January 5). 

He was last seen celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends. His last sighting was at La Florida urbanisation in Orihuela Costa during the early hours of January 1. He vanished without leaving a trace after an argument with a flatmate, and his family remains broken and unable to find peace. 

A witness said he had seen the young man in the pub area of Aguamarina and family confirmed it was Henry after watching the security footage that placed him in one of the pubs at 11.42pm on January 1. 

However, this was the last clue to his whereabouts and the Guardia Civil continue to search for the Colombian 20-year-old. 

Officers searched ravines, clearings, coves and the whole of Orihuela’s coast as they searched for any evidence. Now, a year later, Henry Alejandro’s family are desperate to keep the search alive. 

There hasn’t been a single day in the last 365 days when the family and friends of young Henry Alejandro Jimenez have stopped looking for answers to his disappearance. 

After the disappearance of the young man, who was studying second year of high school, a major search party was set up in which, in addition to police and other security and emergency personnel, numerous volunteers participated. 

But it was all unsuccessful and there is not a single clue as to where Henry might be. Neither the searches conducted nor the open investigation have borne fruit so far. 

The Guardia Civil is keeping the case almost completely secret. His family doesn’t believe Henry’s disappearance was voluntary. 



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