Boy aged 10 found in shopping trolley as couple tried to smuggle him into Spain

Hidden in shopping trolley

A COUPLE has been arrested after they were caught trying to smuggle a 10-year-old Palestinian boy into Spain hidden in a shopping trolley. 

Police at the Beni-Enzar crossing at the border between the Spanish enclave of Melilla and Morocco made the discovery on December 31. 

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The child was found crouched in the trolley and was covered by bags of fruit and vegetables, say Spain’s National Police. 

It is thought that the child’s mother – who was found living in a temporary shelter for migrants – had paid for him to be smuggled across the border to be reunited in Europe. 

In the end she succeeded – the child was handed over into her care while the couple were arrested. 

Border police have learned to keep an eye open for various people smuggling techniques. Last year guards found two people hidden inside mattresses, while secret compartments in cars have been found several times. 


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