2019 worst for gender violence murders in Spain since 2015

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

LAST year (2019) was the worst year for gender violence deaths in Spain since 2015. 

At least 55 women were killed by their partners or former partners in 2019, and three children also perished. 

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The number of such murders has been rising since 2017, when 50 were killed, and also rose in 2018, when it closed with 51. In 2016, with 49 killed, the number of victims fell compared to 2015, which saw a peak of 60 victims. 

Since official statistics were first gathered from January 1, 2003, 1,033 women have died from this kind of domestic violence. 

Now several women’s groups are attributing the increase to the rise of far-right political party Vox. 

The president of the Federation of Progressive Women, Yolanda Besteiro, says Vox has a “denialist discourse” against this type of violence. “It has reinforced the ideology of the abusers and has increased the vulnerability of victims by making them distrust the system and breaking for the first time the institutional consensus on condemning gender violence,” she said. 

For her part, the president of the National Federation of Associations of Separated and Divorced Women, Ana María Pérez del Campo, also maintains that the increase in “gender terrorism” is due to the installation of Vox members to lead various governmental insitutions at the local level. 

She said: “They have entered democracy to put an end to it,” going on to criticise parties that allow themselves to be influenced by the extreme right. “Those who rise to power in fascism are fascists,” she added. 

The latest victim to be included in the official gender-based violence count prepared by the Government was a 38-year-old woman who was allegedly killed by her partner on 30 November. She had not reported her situation of abuse. Of the 55 victims in 2019, only 11 (20 per cent) had previously reported their partners or ex partners to the police. 

In five of the cases in which there was a complaint, protective measures were adopted on behalf of the victim; and in four of these cases these measures were in force at the time of the crime.  

One out of every 10 women murdered by their partners or former partners from 2006 to the present day had some protection measure in their favour at the time of the murder.  

In 2019, the majority of victims (40 per cent) were between 41 and 50 years old, an age group that also predominates among aggressors (47.3 per cent). Most of the murdered women were Spanish (60 per cent), and most of them (65.5 per cent) also lived with the killer. 

Regarding the 55 alleged aggressors, the majority (61.8 per cent) were Spanish; and, after committing the crime, 14 committed suicide and three attempted it without success. 


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