Avocado thugs arrested for stealing 150kg of the pricey fruit in Spain

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Two men have been arrested for thieving almost 150kg of avocados. Credit: File Image.

THE National Police have confirmed that they have arrested two men for allegedly stealing almost 150 kilograms of avocados in Costa del Sol’s Malaga, Spain.

The men who were arrested, both of Spanish nationality, have been accused of raiding an avocado farm in Churriana and selling the fruit off in their own supermarket.

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Officers were alerted to the post-Christmas theft on Saturday, December 28, when a local resident reported that they had seen two men acting suspiciously on a farm and lurking around the prized avocado trees.

Attending the scene, officers found that the fences surrounding the plot of land had been partially broken and once speaking to the farmer he confirmed that a significant number of his beloved avocados had been taken. With the witness providing an excellent description of the assailants, officers were able to locate the men nearby carrying an assortment of plastic bags filled with the soiled goods.

Further investigation revealed that one of the men owned a small greengrocers in Malaga and had planned to sell the fruits in a bid to make a considerable amount of profits.

As Euro Weekly News understands, both men were charged with theft today (January 1) and are due to appear in court in due course.

Avocado theft is a particularly common problem for farmers dedicated to cultivating the fruit, largely because of their expensive price tag. In Spain, the fruit can cost anywhere up to €5 – a cost that keeps on growing due to the numerous health benefits that they are proven to hold. 


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