Sleazyjet? EasyJet Flight To Spain Destroys Customer’s Luggage And Only Refund Half The Damage

Sleazyjet? EasyJet Flight To Spain Destroys Customer’s Luggage And Only Refund Half The Damage Credit: Twitter

Peter Richardson, 51, was on his way to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Spain, however despite arriving at his Spanish holiday destination, was unable to get into the holiday mode after finding his luggage and all his belongings trashed.

Mr Richardson, from Warrington, Cheshire, has branded the low-cost airline Easyjet “Sleazyjet” after picking up his bag at the airport in Arrecife, Lanzarote and finding a massive hole through the middle of the case, destroying the items inside worth £180.

The 51-year-old, who had flown from Manchester, took to social media to complain about his experience tweeting:


‘If you’re ever asked to put your bag in the hold, don’t bother.

‘They did this to my bag and a month later all I’ve had back is the cost of a new bag and an offer of half the value of the damaged items.

‘If I’d not followed it up vigorously I doubt anything would have happened as Sleazyjet are not interested in resolving this kind of issue.

‘Policy is clearly to make it as difficult as possible to recover the cost of items I had to replace and leave me out of pocket. Would someone from easyJet like to discuss the matter?’

Mr Richardson stressed that the company had made it ‘as difficult as possible’ to submit a claim.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Richardson informed that easyJet initially reimbursed the £40 cost of the bag, however he was offered just £57.50, or an £70 voucher to replace £140 worth of damaged clothing.

Pictures showed how Mr Richardson’s bag was ripped apart, as were the items inside including his shoes.

Credit: Twitter

As Euro Weekly News understands, easyJet has since apologised for the incident and offered to fully reimburse his costs.

An easyJet spokeswoman said: ‘easyJet has apologised to Mr Richardson for the damage caused to his bag whilst in transit and at the time of the incident reimbursed him for the cost of his bag and offered compensation for the damage to his clothes.

‘We understand how important it is that our customers are confident their luggage is well looked after and so we investigated this with our ground handling partners at Manchester and Arrecife airports.

‘easyJet flies on average over 1500 flights per day across more than 30 countries and incidents of damaged luggage are extremely low.’



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