Giant fallen rock lands on to Spanish Main road and closes Costa de Almeria coast road in Spain

CUT OFF: The rock forced the closure of a stretch of the N-340 in both directions. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Roquetas de Mar Facebook @AytoRoquetas

A ROCK the size of two cars crashed onto the N-340 on the Enix coastline in the early hours of Tuesday morning, forcing the closure of the road in both directions.

The giant rock came down in Spain at kilometre marker 434.5 on the highway known as ‘El Cañarete’ in the area between the Playa Sol hotel tunnels and a campsite, taking a huge chunk out of the road surface and affecting a pipe.

The rockslide affected two vehicles, but no-one was injured, according to reports.


As drivers in Spain swerved in desperate attempts  to avoid the the falling rock panic set in – whilst many tried to avoid it by swerving quickly between lanes 2 cars got his by the falling rock.

Swerving falling rocks at high speed is not easy with the speed a rock of 2 cars comes down, but drastic preventive  driving clearly saved lives.

A witness told the Euro Weekly News” we didn’t expect that, one minute we were driving  along along and this big rock landed just in front of us, my husband swerved and missed but it hit two cars in front who had no chance”


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