COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Power hook-up fraud in Vicar marijuana plantation

BUSTED: Gang shut down and sex slaves freed. Credit: Guardia Civil (file)

A MARIJUANA plantation bust in Vicar led to the discovery of 120 illegal hook-ups to the electricity supply.

Guardia Civil working with the assistance of electricity company technicians located the power fraud and drug production in two blocks of properties in the La Cabañuelas Bajas district of the municipality.

The Guardia Civil said the investigation had been prompted by numerous calls from people living near the blocks reporting suspected marijuana cultivation in the area. Callers complained the strong smell of the drug and the incessant noise from machines typically used to boost the plant production was a major nuisance.


An inspection of the blocks resulted in the seizure of 280 marijuana plants and the neutralization of the unauthorised power connections.

The Guardia said the investigation remains open and related arrests have not been ruled out.


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