COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Funding assistance for Huercal-Overa flood-damaged water infrastructure

COLLABORATION: The works will be co-financed by the Diputacion de Almeria and the local council. CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria Facebook @diputaciondealmeria

THE Diputacion de Almeria has announced financial assistance for Huercal-Overa for upgrading the water supply network in the El Saltador and San Francisco areas.

Provincial delegate with responsibility for tourism and addressing depopulation, Fernando Gimenez, officially presented Huercal-Overa Mayor Francisca Lourdes Fernandez with a €60,000 subsidy to go towards €142,000 worth of works to replace pipes and connections.

The pipe supplying the San Francisco district runs parallel to the ALP-9014 highway, the provincial administration explained. This infrastructure was badly damaged during torrential rains on the stretch running between the Morena and Montacar water courses.


The road was flooded and supply pipes got washed away, causing cuts to the water supply.

Repair works on the affected area will include digging and shoring up ditches and the installation of 1,560 metres of piping.

“This assistance responds to a municipal demands and is going to make a reality a measure which is going to improve a basic service”, Gimenez commented.

Diputacion subsidies for specific matters such as this “offer real solutions which contribute to improving the provincial residents’ quality of life and help to fix population in the 103 municipalities”, the delegate maintained.

Francisca Lourdes Fernandez echoed the delegate’s comments and highlighted the importance of collaboration between administrations.

Ensuring equal conditions of public services through Huercal-Overa is a priority for the council, hence prioritising an allocation of €82,000 in the municipal budget for carrying out the water network works”, the Mayor stressed.


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