Top UK Baby Names Of The Last 50 Years Have Been Announced

Top Baby Names Of The Last 50 Years Have Been Announced Credit: Shutterstock

It seems that there are name that are eternally popular throughout history.

Of course the charm of fictional characters such as James Bond or names given to adorable members of the Royal family, such as Charlotte helps to weave a magic touch in having those particular names top the charts for baby names in the UK over the past 50 years.

Charlotte, James and Thomas have topped the charts for baby names over the past 50 years while Simons and Christopher have fallen out of favour. And it will be interesting to note if “Andrew” (currently ranked number 4 in popularity) will drop off the list in subsequent years.


Charlotte, which has topped the record for girls, has been ranked number one 15 times between 1984 and 2017, making it number one for 30 years.

The list, compiled by Susan Cole who has recorded the baby names for each announcement made in the Telegraph, also saw Emily, Emma, Victoria and Sophie follow behind.

Ms Cole is a retired librarian, 71, who has been mapping the name trends in record cards since 1969.

According to Cole’s list, compiled in the Telegraph., Oliver and Olivia were top of the charts last year and the name Sarah held the top position for 12 years before dropping in popularity in the 80s and securing second place.

As verified by the record cards since 1969, popularity in boys names, puts James first, followed by Thomas in second and William in third,

Reportedly Ms Cole has added that sometimes names become too widespread which leads to backlash.

As Euro Weekly News concludes, thanks to Ms Cole’s list, the most popular names in the UK for the past half century are Charlotte and James.



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