Costa Blanca News: Sleeping Beauty comes to Murcia


DUE to the success of previous years The Classical Ballet of St. Petersburg, presents Sleeping Beauty, as part of their tour during the months of December 2019 and January 2020 throughout Spain. The show will stop off in Murcia for a performance at the Auditorio y Centro de Congresos Victor Villegas, beginning at 8 pm on January 7.

Winner of the award for Best Dance Show 2018 in the XXVII Teatro de Rojas Awards, the story begins in the palace of King Florestán as the Dance of the Baptism of Princess Aurora is celebrated. The King believes that the master of ceremonies had sent the invitations to everyone. However, the party is spoiled by the appearance of the Wicked Witch, whom they forgot to invite. In her jealous fury, she predicts the future of the little princess: when she turns 16, Aurora will prick herself with a needle and die. The King orders his people to destroy all the needles of the Kingdom under the threat of execution of anyone who disobeys him… and so the story begins.

More than 200 performers will take to the stage in Sleeping Beauty, a work that stands out for its grandeur in universal classical ballet bringing scenes of love, magic and fantasy.



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