Costa Almeria law enforcement save woman suffering savage beating by ex-partner in Vera Playa

BRUTAL: Fearing for the victim’s life officers forced their way into the property. CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

LAW enforcement officers saved a 43-year old woman suffering a savage beating at the hands of her ex-partner at her home in Vera Playa.

A call to the 062 emergency line reporting a possible case of gender-based violence in Pueblo Laguna first alerted the Guardia Civil to the incident.

When the nearest Guardia patrol arrived at the property they found Vera Local Police officers already there, repeatedly banging on the front door and shouting to be let in while cries and what sounded like a violent argument could be heard from inside.


At that moment a woman with her face covered in blood and desperately calling for help appeared on the balcony.

Fearing for the victim’s life, the officers forced open the door. The aggressor tried to attack them, but they managed to subdue and arrest him.

The officers found the woman semi-naked and her clothing ripped. She had blood on her mouth and head and scratches and bruises on her back. She had also lost part of a tooth.

Some of the furniture in the property had been wrecked.

While waiting for the emergency health services to arrive the officers also had to assist her attacker who had started to convulse and breathe in a very agitated way.

Local Police took the victim to the Vera health centre for treatment, while her former partner was taken by ambulance to the hospital with a Guardia Civil escort.

The Guardia Civil identified the woman’s attacker as 44-year old J.C. and said there had been a restraining order in place.

He was handed over into court custody.


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