Spanish town wins award for combatting school absenteeism

The mayor and his team collect their award Credit: Ayuntamiento de Mijas

THE Mijas Council sent a delegation to Madrid to attend the presentation of the first National Award for Excellence and Good Practices in the School Absenteeism Program.

It is organised by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), the National Drug Plan and the National Association of Guardian Agents (ANAT) in a bid to ensure that youngsters do not play truant, especially if there is a danger of drug use.

Mijas was one of the most successful of the municipalities and the mayor, Josele González congratulated all of the Local Police of the town who are involved in the initiative with special praise going to the prize winning ‘guardian agent’, Ángel Blanc.


The work undertaken is seen as pioneering and includes cooperation between the schools, police, social services, Red Cross and the education department, which by use of mediation and prevention has seen absenteeism drop considerably.

The programme will continue and be expanded in order to ensure that those who are scholars who socially disadvantaged will not be left behind which will mean that there will be a long term benefit not just for them but for all of the residents of the town.


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