Mallorca News Top Story: New community officer deployed to fight crime in Sa Pobla, Mallorca

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Resident Joan Socies Campets has been tasked with serving the local community in Sa Pobla. Credit: Juanjo Roig

FROM this week, Sa Pobla in Mallorca, Spain, will have a new community officer dedicated to fight against criminal acts that take place in the municipality.

Announcing the news, Mayor Llorenç Gelabert said that the council sought an individual who was not only skilled and knowledgeable of the area, but that was known and trusted by local residents, proudly presenting Joan Socies Campets as the man tasked with the job.

To carry out his important duties, Campets will be given a vehicle and will make patrols both at day and during the night, according to the needs deemed appropriate by the Local Police.


According to Gelabert, the officer’s main focus will be to watch over areas that are highly susceptible to robberies and also to detect suspicious movements in places where vehicle theft is rife.

The contract for Socies will initially be in place for ten months, but it is expected to be extended if good results are gained, with more officers being hired in the future.


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