Costa Del Sol Top Story: The Silence Of The Staff Whilst Local Residents On The Costa Del Sol Question The Suspicious Circumstances In Spain

Wife now reveals her husband COULD swim!

Close sources have informed we at the Euro Weekly News that no-one is allowed to talk to friends or Press about the terrible incident that occurred this week at Club la Costa. A very close source has revealed that the family, through their lawyer, is already in negotiation for some sort of payment, I’ll keep you posted on that, meanwhile:

A police investigation is still on-going but it still leaves more questions than answers. Here are just seven questions that need to be answered;

1 The wife has issued a statement through her lawyer that her husband and children could swim!


The original theory being that the cause of drowning was that they actually couldn’t swim.

2 What held Mr Diyas back from saving his two children?

Mr Diya was a well-built man, and any father in that position would draw on herculean strength to save his kids but according to reports he was unable to move once he was close to his daughter and son. What on earth was holding him down, the power of the pump, choking on chlorine, electric shock?

3 A resort like Club la Costa surely has security cameras doesn’t it? These days almost everyone has a mobile phone and not one person thought to video or take a picture?

4 Screams were heard and the lifeguard was notified and dived in to try and save them all. He himself had difficulty getting out of the water. That in itself should ring alarm bells because if we believe the statement made by Club la Costa that the pool was working fine with no problems then this could happen again! Such a crucial witness needs further examination.

5 A doctor was on scene and tried to revive the father, daughter, and son using the difribulators on-site. It has been rumoured that in fact these were not up to standard and a waste of time. That’s something else that needs clarifying if not just to discount that theory.

6 Jorge Martín, a spokesman for the civil guard in Spain, said by telephone on Friday that the water was about six and a half feet deep at the pool’s deepest point.

To be able pull a guy like Mr Diya, himself around 6 foot tall, into the deep end requires an extremely powerful system. We had some rain recently so was the pool on automatic drain maybe? Some pool systems have sensors that keep the level of the pool correct, had this come on just as the girl entered the water and started the sequence of events that led to these tragic deaths?

That led to suspicions that a malfunction might have sucked the three victims underwater, but the police statement said that investigators had checked the equipment at the resort and found no problems.

7 Samples of the water were also taken and were being analysed, the statement said, but autopsies found no evidence of chemical intoxication and ruled the cause of deaths as drowning. Were those findings accurate? Over the years it has been shown that police evidence gets mishandled, OJ Simpson anybody…

The civil guard said that the deaths were “a tragic accident caused by the victims’ lack of expertise in swimming when they found themselves in a deep area of the pool where they could not put their feet down”. Somehow I think there is more to follow..



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