Spain rejoices on the news of a possible cure for cancer announced by scientists

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Residents across Spain are rejoicing from the latest news from scientists who claim they will have a cure for cancer within a year. With cancer being the largest cause of early death in Spain, the news has been very welcoming.

An Israeli company known as Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies claim to be working on a cure for cancer that uses phage display technology.

 This saw the scientists involved win the Nobel Prize for their break through in advancing to finding the cure.


The scientists involved feel they have developed a cure for the dreaded disease cancer that’s set to be ready for testing in one year’s time on a first batch of trialist cancer sufferers.

The Nobel prize winning company is owned by Dan Aridor and he is very confident in his claims confident that his companies approach will not only successfully treat cancer patients and give them a new lease on life, but that the medicine in development  currently dubbed MuTaTo, which stands for multi-target toxin will be extremely cost-effective to allow it to be widely available across the world which shall include Spanish cancer treating hospitals.

Mr Aridor announced to the world: ““Our cancer cure will be effective from day one, will last a duration of a few weeks and will have no or minimal side-effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market,” he said. “Our solution will be both generic and personal.”

The early and what could be life changing news in Spain, has brought about rejoice with current sufferers of cancer praying that the drugs can be delivered as soon as possible to assist them battle their current ailments.

We the Euro Weekly News spoke to Brian Freeman 68 who lives in Fuengirola and currently having treatment for cancer of the mouth, Brian said ” I’m on another batch of chemotherapy at present after doctors saved my life 4 years ago by removing tumours in my tongue and jaw, unfortunately after a cancer free 4 years, it’s now back and I’m back on treatments, the doctors at Malaga hospital are amazing and hopefully they will get me sorted again, any news like this though is fantastic, it may or may not be quick enough for me personally only time will tell, but if it can help generations to come it will be fantastic”

It was the same views from many as we told them the news in Spain, Meg Tottle from Torreblanca on Spain’s Costa del Sol said: ” I lost my husband Kevin to stomach cancer 6 years ago, the suffering he went through I wouldn’t wish on anyone, I’ve always thought maybe one day scientists would find a cure, lets hope this is the one” she said.





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