SNP might try to delay Brexit

SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon Credit: Scottish Government flickr

IT may well be wishful thinking for both the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) and many remainers but prepare for an outcry for a second Scottish Referendum.

In theory it could happen (subject to approval by the British Government which could be very unlikely) but should it be agreed it would most likely take place during 2020 which could then delay the negotiations between the UK and the EU and could be even more problematic if the vote was to leave the Union.

It doesn’t really seem a realistic proposition but the SNP do want to take advantage of every opportunity in case they can delay any final deal.


Whilst the wish to see an Independent Scotland may be very real in the hearts and minds of many, the reality is that Scotland could not just remain in the Union but would have to leave with the rest of Britain and then apply for membership which could take decades.


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