MURCIA NEWS: Major drugs sale point closed down


WHAT has been described as a major drugs selling point has been dismantled by the Guardia Civil. 

During Operation Tamsah four people have been arrested and 3.5 kilos of marihuana, more than one kilo of hashish, 20 doses of cocaine and several ecstasy tablets have been seized. 

An investigation started when the Guardia Civil detected an active drugs sales point in Beniel. This was causing alarm to neighbours, due to the large number of young people including minors who allegedly acquired drugs at the building. 


Once all the necessary evidence had been gathered, the Guardia Civil obtained a warrant and searched the premises. 

One of the detained men tried to flee via a fourth floor balcony, but was intercepted by some of the 20 officers deployed in the operation. 

During the search, in addition to the drugs, the Guardia Civil seized a large amount of cash, numerous lottery tickets, knives and various electronic devices, which were apparently stolen and exchanged for drugs. 

In the building, in addition to the rooms used for drug transactions, there was a room used for preparing doses, fitted with precision scales and containers for doses. 

The operation remains open and further arrests have not been ruled out. 

the Guardia Civil considers this to have been one of the largest points of sale of narcotic substances in Murcia’s Vega Baja to have been dismantled, since the investigation shows that it supplied consumers both in Beniel and in neighbouring towns. 

The detainees, the drugs apprehended, the effects recovered and the proceedings conducted have been placed at the disposal of Murcia’s Court of Instruction No. 8, which has remanded the suspected leader of the gang in custody. 


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