Mallorca News Top Story: Scientists propose five natural areas in Mallorca as a ‘Place of Geological Interest’

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Research shows that hikers have negatively impacted the natural areas. Credit: UIB

A GROUP of scientists have launched a campaign to ask that five natural areas in Mallorca, Spain, are declared as a ‘Place of Geological Interest’ (LIG).

Made up of experts from the UIB and the Ministry of Environment, the group indicate the need to protect several mountains in the Serra de Llevant and Serra de Tramuntana, most specifically in Betlem, Galatzó, Tomir, Planícia and Puig Major.

Through research conducted this year, the scientists have determined that the areas are particularly vulnerable to degradation and should therefore be considered as a LIG due to their scientific, cultural and educational value.


They believe that the mountains should be carefully managed due to the areas being particularly popular with hikers in the region, which has made a geological impact. In addition, it is asked that special attention is paid to its vegetation, which although is said to be very scarce at present, that it does have the potential to be extremely fruitful in the future.


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