COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Nicked for robbing Benidorm lottery ticket seller after choking her on her doorstep

CHARGES: Police carried out a ‘lion-killer’ style attack on the woman to steal cash, lottery tickets and mobiles. CREDIT: Shutterstock

POLICE have arrested a young Pakistani man for stealing more than €2,000 from a lottery ticket seller after choking her and leaving her unconscious on her doorstep.

Police believe the 20-year old carried out a so-called ‘lion killer’-style attack on the woman at midday around a month ago. She was at the entrance to her home when her attacker went up behind her and put his arm round neck, keeping up the pressure until she passed out.

As well as the cash she was carrying the robber stole a large number of lottery tickets, a point-of-sale machine and three mobile phones.


In addition to getting the victim’s statement and description of her attacker, investigators focused on images captured on security cameras in the area to identify possible suspects and to find witnesses.

The victim was able to pick out the possible attacker, who was subsequently arrested by Benidorm police and his home searched.


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