Costa Blanca News: Fantasy world in Murcia

Fantasy, music and puppets: The magic of Títeres EtcéteraCREDIT: Facebook

A LION, a chicken, a turtle, an elephant, birds, fish … and a dinosaur! The most varied animals will appear through the Teatro Circo Murcia in a production that is a constant step “from the real to the unreal, and from the unreal to the real”. “A concert invaded by humor and poetry, by animals that arise from music and by musicians making the animal,” said Enrique Lanz, director of Puppets Etcetera, who won the National Prize for Performing Arts for Children and Youth, and architect of ‘Dreaming the carnival of animals’. The magic of fantasy, music and puppets have arrived at the theatre this January.

playing fifteen musical pieces wrapped by fantasy. A chain of surprises without more logic than that of dreams, with no more argument than the music itself, a lot of animals without more.

An orchestra will play fifteen musical pieces invoking a fantasy world as the backdrop toa chain of surprises that defy logic and can only be imagined in your wildest dreams.


The show “Soñando el Carnaval de Los Animales” will begin on Thursday, January 2 from 5 pm to 7 pm and Friday 3 from 5 pm to 7 pm and tickets can be bought for €10 and €12 from



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