COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Alicante city ‘Inocentes’ photography exhibition reflects on human rights

THEMES: The works cover reflect on abuse and discrimination, but also on hope, diversity and respect. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Alicante

AN exhibition of images from the new collection by photographer Garcia de Marina offers an important reflection on human rights.

The ‘Inocentes’ collection of 51 works by the visual poet cover themes of violation, torture and of treating people as inferior due to the colour of their skin, gender, sexual orientation or opinions.

But the photographs do not only prompt thoughts of suffering, but also of hope and of building a society not based on confining people because of their differences, but on diversity and respect.


Garcia de Marina’s works have been shown in individual and joint exhibitions around Spain and in many other countries, among them Argentina, Greece, Romania, Sweden, Myanmar, the Arab Emirates and the US.

The exhibition at the Lonja del Pescado exhibition hall in near Alicante port runs until February 23.


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